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Head Hunter and the Differences with Outsourcing Companies

The head hunter company in Jakarta, if you are a part of businesses and companies in the city, this term should not be strange. A head hunter is someone or an agency that facilitates other companies in finding employees. A head hunter has specialties in conducting tests to get the best candidates or approaching potential people to work with the client.

Head Hunter vs. Outsourcing Company

Both basically work similarly in that finding employees is their main focus here. However, a head hunter is commonly more specific in doing the job. The company may collaborate with the head hunter to find someone to fill in a higher position in the company. So, the candidate is not for common employees but heads like managers, advisers, CEO’s assistants, and even the CEO himself.

Sure, it is different from outsourcing companies who recruit common employees. That’s why the test and approach done by a head hunter are also different from those by outsourcing companies. A head hunter also usually works under the radar, not openly announcing the vacancy like the outsourcing companies.

Is it important to use services from a head hunter?

Whether it is important or not, depends on the company’s situation. Some companies must have reasons if they use the head hunter or not. In fact, certain companies prefer finding the candidates themselves since it is considered safer.

But undeniably, having a head hunter with you will give you some benefits. The process tends to be faster and more effective. There is no need to waste money, time, and energy like opening the recruitment. You only need to pay the head hunter based on the rate determined and get the potential candidate.

You can also work together with the head hunter in selecting and choosing the candidates. So, the final result is not solely based on the perspective of the head hunter. Your opinions and observations are considered here.

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